EPO GULF Specialities K.S.C.C

EPO GULF SPECIALITIES Company was established in 2010 as one of Insha’a Holding companies’ subsidiary, specialized in manufacturing construction chemicals. It exist expert position in building trade with products, restoration, reinforcement, corrosion prevention, and Insulation.

EPO GULF Specialties is partner Middle East for EPO CONSTRUCTION CHEMICAL Turkey, which was established in 2001 in Gebze. It takes Part in the Construction Chemicals sector with its 20 years expert team.

EPO GULF SPECIALITIES manufacture and supplies Cement Admixtures, Concrete Admixtures, Concrete and Steel Protective, Mortar Admixtures, Repair Mortars, Repair Concretes, Grout Mortars, Epoxy Mortars, Epoxy Coatings, Carbon Fiber Strengthen Products and Various Construction chemicals.

Product Development

EPO develops new products and makes quality audit through the everlasting R&D. EPO develops suitable products to the requested special Solutions with its experience.

Quality Control

EPO GULF Specialties has own laboratory, managed by high experienced employees. Our products meet the technical standards followed and approved by the Ministry of Public Works and other International Standards.

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